Inspired Pathways offers specialised counselling, coaching and healing methods that are designed to work with both the mind and the soul.

Uncovering your true self will open you to more possibilities in life and lift your consciousness to higher levels where you can connect and gain power and control of your own happiness and negativity in your life.

You will find new ways to feel…

  • More confident
  • Lighter and more peaceful
  • Stronger & more courageous
  • Positive and empowered
  • Happy and fulfilled

You will explore and find ways to…

  • Know who you truly are
  • Conquer fears and limiting beliefs
  • Grow in your own personal power
  • Embrace change
  • Develop your intuitive self

Inspired Pathways works with individuals and groups to provide the tools, knowledge and support to conquer your fears and master these changes to get real results.

Blending therapy for the mind (traditional counselling and life coaching practices) with therapy for the soul (alternative complimentary practices) you will align with your authentic self.

Founder of Inspired Pathways Daniele Graham uses a range of methods and therapeutic practices including; Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Alternative Therapies, Energy Healing Practices, Personal Coaching, Meditation and Self-Development Education.

“I am guided to assist you with the shift between living in the lower vibration of fear to the higher vibrations of love and acceptance that will allow for peace, harmony and joy to be present with you every day.

“I have seen this shift take place in of many of my clients with very positive, life changing and uplifting results”.

Daniele Graham- Healer, Counselor, Life & Career Coach and Educator

To find out further information on making these life changing transformations please email or phone Daniele on 0458 045 010.